26 11 2007

I’m back from a long Thanksgiving weekend in the Philly/Delaware vicinity.  We attended a family wedding in Wilmington (that DuPont Country Club is pretty darn swanky).  I took a stroll in the Wilmington and Brandywine cemetery, and stumbled on a little Civil War section tucked back by the on ramp to I-95. We also hit some of the sites in Philadelphia, including the standards (Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, you get the picture), and the new National Constitution Center, which you should make time to see.

Rene over at Wig-Wags is doing a nice job documenting her journey through the Civil War and academia, so I’m adding her to the blogroll.  Check it out.

David Woodbury has some interesting stuff up on Irvin McDowell at his blog that is worth your time; be sure to read Drew’s comment.  It’s sure to raise the hackles on those hypersensitive Grant fanboys (you know who you are).

In the workout room at the Sheraton Suites they had a few extra copies of a Newsweek magazine with a cover story on those fancy (and expensive) e-book readers.  The one being marketed by is featured.  I think I’ll have some comments on this phenomenon later.

I had an unusually high number of hits on the blog on Monday, considering I really haven’t made a new post in awhile.  It looks like my page with links to online books and articles gets a lot of activity.  Check out this link to an article from Military Images Magazine about the March, 1862 photos of the battlefield taken by George N. Barnard.  The article was co-authored by Manassas Museum Specialist Jim Burgess, who has been a good friend to this blog.