Doing Digitial History

14 11 2006

Yesterday I corresponded with a friend about the possibility of his setting up a digital history project.  He is recognized as one of the leading researchers and authorities on a prominent Western Theater battle.

Brian Downey (there’s that name again) recently posted a tutorial of sorts about how to get started on a digital history project if you are sick and twisted enough to attempt it.  Below are the links to his three part posting on Behind Antietam on the Web.

Part IPart II; Part III


14 11 2006

Thanks to reader Pat Jones, I am able to offer a solution to those experiencing difficulties with the small text font used by this theme.  You see, I have no practical control over the font size within a theme, and WordPress can’t change the size of my font without changing the font size of the blogs of everyone using this theme.  But here’s what you can do at home: on your browser’s toolbar, there should be a “view” option (that’s what it is on Internet Explorer anyway).  Click on that, and look for something like “text size”.  Click that, and you can increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on your screen.  Default is usually medium.

This will change the size of the text for all sites you view.  But then, “Bull Runnings” is after all the most important site you visit.