Learning As I Go

4 11 2006

When I fist set up this blog two days ago, I figured I’d try to make it look just right before I started making any posts.  Upon reflection, I don’t think that is being “true” to what I am trying to do – document the process of digitizing the Battle of Bull Run.  If I’m going to discuss just what I have to go through to get my website up and running, I may as well document what I go through to get this blog up and running as well.  So over the next weeks and months, my mistakes are going to be here for all to see and ridicule.

So far, what I’ve done is chosen WordPress to host my blog.  It was pretty easy to do.  The hard part has been choosing a theme and learning the different options, but I’ve purchased a Visual Quickstart Guide for WordPress that looks pretty good.  I’ve also been playing with the banner or header, trying to find an image and text color combination that doesn’t give the reader a migraine.

As I go along, please feel free to make comments or suggestions regarding the format of this blog.  I need all the help I can get.