Anniversary Videos from the Battlefield

23 07 2021
Left to Right, Dana Shoaf, Melissa Winn, and Brandon Bies on Matthews Hill

This past Thursday, July 21, 2021, I had the great fortune to roam about the battlefield for the 160th Anniversary of the First Battle of Bull Run, to record a series of Facebook Live videos with the good folks from Civil War Times Magazine, Editor Dana Shoaf and Director of Photography Melissa Winn. Also joining us was Manassas National Battlefield Park supervisor Brandon Bies. We spent time on Matthews and Henry Hill, and took in some familiar and new sites and sight lines. Over the next few days I’ll be posting the videos here. Topics discussed include: the 71st NYSM boat howitzers and their captain; Francis Bartow and his monument; Barnard Bee and “that nickname”; a dead letter office member of the 1st OVI; BOOM; tree clearing and the threat of a GINORMOUS data center to the view shed; the Robinson family; Hampton’s Legion; and the Gallant Pelham. And lots of other stuff on the way.

It was typically blistering hot on the Plains of Manassas. Not as hot as two years ago when it was 108 degrees, but still plenty hot enough for me to, I suspect, suffer from a little heat exhaustion toward the end of the day – but lack of sleep and food also had something to do with it.

Thanks so much to Dana and Melissa for giving me the chance to talk about the battle and the people and to be seen and heard all over the planet, and for allowing me to wear a hat!



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23 07 2021
Steve Reilly

Sorry to have missed you, I did 10 plus miles on the 21st. Returned to Farmers Crossing at the time Gen. Sherman and my Great Grandfather climbed up, they did not show. So much for a Ghost Tour! Then to Carter Cemetery where it was first blood for the 69th. Back to the visitor center and meet a group from the 79th New York, in their sottish uniforms. I will do an article for the Irish Echo, on the family regiment & the 160th, it would have added color, if I meet my grandfather coming up from the creek, LOL. Jon, who owns Bull Run Winery, thinks that the location of the sign is wrong for Farmers Crossing. I asked him to write something up, as to where he thinks the location is and why. Smart guy, he has put a nice little museum together and is doing his research, so we shall see. Put together a nice winery also, I purchased two bottles to send up to New York. Semper fi, Steve Reilly

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