Lt. John H. Styles, Co. A, 14th New York State Militia, On the Fate of Col. Alfred M. Wood

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To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle:

I perceive there is [?] about the last whereabouts of Col. Wood, and who was with him; and myself being quite an interested party, [?] give you my version of the affair. That he was wounded and taken from the field is true, but by whom I know not, neither is it to the question; but in our retreating, after carrying the colonel on a stretcher for some mile, our party induced the driver of one of the 71st Regiment ambulances to take the colonel in, and the driver having a wounded soldier in with him desired to advance as fast as possible, in order to reach Centreville, to procure medical assistance, and in doing so, we got in advance of the most of our immediate party (except a few who kept close to the ambulance as a guard) and on emerging from the woods into Centreville road, we were suddenly surprised by being fired upon from the road. Of course this created a panic, and the driver started at a brisk pace, thinking to get clear by quick driving, but on arriving at the bridge, found it completely blocked up by teams completely wedged together, and every one trying to get away as quick as they could, and of course Colonel Wood was left to his fate in that ambulance; he was seriously wounded in the thigh, I think, and I think could not have gotten out of the ambulance without assistance. As to Doctors Homeston and Swalm being with him I deny, for if they had been, why such haste to get where medical assistance could be procured? also, had they been there, why should I not have seen them, being personally acquainted with both of them.

I assert again that Capt. W. L. B. Steers of Co. E and myself were with him until stern necessity compelled us to abandon him, and save our lives by flight, I myself being wounded in the foot.

Yours truly,
John H. Styles,
1st Lt. A Co. 14th Regt. N.Y.S.M.

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, 7/25/1861

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