Second Chance

31 03 2008


One of the stats that WordPress provides is an all-time ranking of page views for individual posts.  As of today, First Bull Run Books and Articles On-Line leads the pack with 794 views (exclusive of feed readers).  Surprisingly, in second place with 660 is …but I know what I like.  The top five is rounded out by A Few Charleston Civil War Sites (600), 1862 Photos of Bull Run (580), and A 100 Pound Quarterback (481).

Looking at the list I see a few personal favorites I wish more people would read, so I’ll list them here as a sort of “Second Chance” pool.  Check them out if you have some time.

Beet Poet

Beet Poet – Pt. II

Those Who Make Holes, and Those who Close Holes

Food, Glorious Food

Kingsbury CDVs

Thomas Hardy on Battlefield Preservation

Monster in a Box

Why McDowell?

Oh Fudge

The Tag Line



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