Pvt. John S. Armstong, Co. D, 2nd Virginia Infantry, His Narrow Escape

7 12 2022

An Exploit. – A correspondent at the University of Virginia sends the Richmond Dispatch of the following account of an exploit of private John Armstrong, of the Berkeley Border Guard, Capt. Nadenbush, Col. Allen’s 2d Virginia Regiment, at the battle of Manassas on the 21st July.

Mr. Armstrong after aiding in the re-capture of a part of Sherman’s Battery, (consisting of Zouaves,) became separated from his regiment and secreted himself behind a fence, he discharged five or six effective shots, His position being discovered, a volley was fired upon him, which destroyed his gun but left him untouched. At this time five Yankees crossed the fence about thirty yards from where he lay, running to join their regiment not far off. One of them dropped his gun. Armstrong picked it up, and shot him dead, when all four wheeled and fired on him, one ball taking effect in his left arm. Nothing daunted, he still pursued until he overtook the hindmost, whom he succeeded, after a struggle, in killing with the bayonet, the remaining three making their escape.

The above statement is corroborated by several of his company, who believe it entirely reliable. Mr. Armstrong has three bullet holes through his shirt, besides the one which wounded him; but at what period of the battle he received them he does not know. His wound, though serious is not dangerous, and he is now receiving, with many others, kind and skillful treatment at the University Hospital, and will soon be ready to meet his county’s foe wherever he may show his face.

The Vicksburg (MS) Weekly Citizen, 9/2/1861

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John S. Armstong at Ancestry.com

John S. Armstrong at Fold3



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