Video Bummer

11 03 2014

I just learned that the little pixies inside the web have decided to not allow videos from Facebook pages to appear in WordPress Facebook page links like the one from earlier today. That is, you can only view them if you have a Facebook account, and only via your Facebook account. So, if you’re a Facebooker and you want to view a video that is missing in one of my posts, in which this notice appears:

Facebook Internal Video – Unavailable

This video is only accessible from within the corporate network or VPN.

then just click the time stamp on the source Facebook page (for instance, in today’s Sunrise post, click the link in the post header just below where it says “Manassas National Battlefield Park”. That will take you to MNBP’s page and their original post.

Sorry for this. I assure you it’s NOT MY FAULT. I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with images.

UPDATE – Looks like the problem is fixed. Thanks to the more than 2,000 of you who came here looking for an answer via Google. Hope you became fans and will visit again some time!



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11 03 2014

Hi, funny thing…I was just trying to download a video from not a friend on FB but we have a mutual friend…and it’s a video of him and band. I downloaded internet download manager and tried to download.
1: I don’t know if it downloaded…can’t find the file.
2: ALL OF A SUDDEN, it says the exact thing as above about it being internal and unavail. HELP! Did I make her lose video and will she know I tried to download it??!!
Thank you!!


11 03 2014

Clarification: I downloaded IDM fine, but not sure if video downloaded..and now it’s missing on her page.


11 03 2014

I think this is just a Facebook glitch, seeing as I can’t watch my OWN videos without getting that message. Hopefully its temporary.. ?


11 03 2014

Just ran into the same issue. Having an FB account is not the issue as I have one but was unable to watch a video my sister posted (couldn’t watch it on her timeline nor in a new window). Went to a community page and received the same message. Cleared cache, logged out of FB, logged back in and tried again but same message popped up. Wonder what’s going on with FB this time?


11 03 2014

I just googled this problem and it is not letting me look at videos on my facebook acct.


11 03 2014
Susan Evelyn McDowell Cole

Good thing I use both WordPress N Facebook to look at my stuff. The sunrise was beautiful!


11 03 2014

This is not a problem everyone has the same problem


12 03 2014

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