Sudley Mill and Hotel

28 02 2014

Hey Man, That’s Not Yours!

27 02 2014

f56392d4841f119aa49c9928a7883bc61cb8eefad4542341996522b7379f4f3aI recently overheard some discussion among civil war researchers who present their work in public through speaking and writing on the web. They voice concern regarding “lifting” of their work by readers and attendees. Some cite examples of their work being presented by others in public and print as their own – without attribution. I’ve written before that it’s a risk we all take, and should even expect it to happen. But I have to admit to being a little concerned in this regard about my upcoming talk – assuming anyone else would consider my notion more than harebrained.

Of course the whole idea of Bull Runnings is sharing things. Recently someone mentioned to me that I have all these great letters that no one else has, to which I replied “Well, really, they all have them too.” But now we’re talking ideas and interpretation, not just photos and documents. It feels different.

What are your thoughts? Any examples of which you can think? Has it happened to you? How has it affected your sharing? Here’s your chance to vent…


26 02 2014

1911 Peace Jubilee

25 02 2014

1936 Reenactment

21 02 2014

Presenting in Ohio Next Month

20 02 2014

Just a reminder that I’ll be making a presentation to the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable on March 12. Here’s a summary:

Irvin McDowell’s Plan and Other Bull Run Misconceptions. This program will explore what the presenter feels are popular misconceptions surrounding the First Bull Run campaign, with primary focus on the Union army commander’s intentions up to the early hours of July 21, 1861. We will discuss how we have come to know the story of Bull Run as we know it, various primary sources and secondary accounts of the campaign, treatments by historians and institutions, the general interest (or lack thereof) of Civil War enthusiasts in the details of the campaign, and other related – or even unrelated – topics. As always, the audience will likely play no small role in the content of the program as it progresses.

I’m looking forward to this. It will be the first time I talk about my thoughts on what McDowell really intended when he set out from Washington for Manassas. It’s not what you think. Just gotta figure out how to set it down on paper and slides. You see, this is a very complicated case. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, a lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Oh man, my thinking about this case has become very uptight. Let’s just hope I can get things straight by then.

Check out the details at the COCWRT website.

Sledding Near Stone House

19 02 2014

Stone House Inn

18 02 2014

What About Them? Don’t They Count?

17 02 2014

Sudley Road-Warrenton Pike Intersection

14 02 2014