Preview: Gottfried, “The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns”

10 11 2013

91Bka6INr4L._SL1500_I have a soft spot for the subject of this latest entry in Savas Beatie’s Atlas series. Long before I decided to focus my energies on First Bull Run I attempted to tackle the period in the history of the Army of the Potomac between the end of the Gettysburg Campaign and the arrival of U. S. Grant in the spring of 1864. I wrote a bit about that aborted project here. The whole series of events has received short shrift from most historians, and usually gets covered in a few pages (or even paragraphs) when it gets covered at all. Brad Gottfried helps shed some more light on this time with The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns. The subtitle gives a little more detail on the details: An Atlas of the Battles and Movements in the Eastern Theater after Gettysburg, Including Rappahannock Station, Kelly’s Ford, and Morton’s Ford, July 1863-February 1864. You’re familiar with the format by now: individual time-coded maps (87 of ’em) with their own facing narrative page. This really is a must-have, not just to keep your set intact, but to give some much needed perspective to this black hole in the history of the campaigns of the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia.



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10 11 2013
Meg Thompson

every one of these books is a treasure. I use them all the time in research, and the text is as beautifully written as the maps are carefully rendered. Glad to see another one.


11 11 2013
Theodore P. Savas

Hi Harry, thanks for this. And Meg, thanks for the kind words about our SB Military Atlas series. They are more work than you can imagine, even though their rather simple appearance may suggest otherwise.

We have many more in the works (Chattanooga, Franklin and Nashville, Napoleon’s 1812 Invasion of Russia, the Somme, etc.) Brad Gottfried has just finished his first draft of the text and maps for the Wilderness Campaign, one I am especially looking forward to editing with him.

Happy reading.



12 11 2013
Chris Evans

This is a great campaign to show in atlas format. One of the truly forgotten campaigns of American Military history.



13 11 2013
Don Hallstrom

Didn’t realize SB was going to do other military campaigns than Civil War campaigns. Really enjoy this series.

Don H.


13 11 2013
Ted savas

I have been working for a couple three years to put together a cartographer and writer for a 2-volume set on the Trans-Mississippi Theater. Any interest?


13 11 2013
Brett Johnson

I just received this book and went straight to the Morton’s Ford section. I live nearby and know this place well. Very disappointed to see the author basically copied the Roebling sketch almost verbatim. This sketch is informative but not cartographically accurate in any sense, especially the scale. I also noticed he has the 14th CT attacking the Buckner house instead of the Morton House. Not sure what the rest of the book is like but in my opinion there seem to be some flaws in this section.


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