How to Order “The Campaign of Gettysburg: Command Decisions”

8 07 2013

A few folks have informed me that they’ve had trouble finding information on ordering William Hewitt’s The Campaign of Gettysburg: Command Decisions. I know it’s available in places like the American History Store and the Visitor’s Center in Gettysburg. Also, if you’re interested contact Chris Army at C underscore army at hotmail dot com.

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8 responses

10 07 2013
James A Rosebrock

I found it at a rare book store. It was pricey but it was the only place that I found it on

10 07 2013
Harry Smeltzer

I believe Mr. Army can provide a good price.

13 07 2013
Theodore P. Savas

I tried to order a book through his website and the order button did not work. So I emailed him, and he graciously inscribed a copy and dropped it in the mail and the book likely crossed somewhere with my check, mid-country. I am looking forward to this book. Looks amazing.

13 07 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Ted, do you have the link to his site? I couldn’t find it.

13 07 2013
Theodore P. Savas

Hi Harry, Oddly, I can’t find it now either. I will look more later, but I got it from a link someone posted somewhere–I did not try searching for it manually. Have to get the dog out for a run.

13 07 2013
Bob Miller

You might consider contacting Bill Hewitt at GNMP as he is an active park ranger there . . .

13 07 2013
Harry Smeltzer

The easiest way to order the book is to use the email address I provided in this post. Really. Trust me.

16 08 2013
Bill Hewitt

you can contact me directly as well.
William Hewitt
110 Seven Stars Rd
Gettysburg PA 17325
717 338 9728

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