What Do You Think of This?

19 04 2012

In my last post, under the signature of the letter, I included a link to the letter writer’s Civil War records at Ancestry.com. Of course, you need to be a subscriber to Ancestry.com for the link to work, but I thought this might be a time-saving measure for some readers looking for more. Let me know what you think of this. If enough feel it’s a good idea, I’ll try to include a similar link when I can. Also, do you like the separate link, or would it be better to just hyperlink the signature?



2 responses

15 05 2012
Brett S. - The Siege of Petersburg Online


This strikes me as an excellent idea. If you consistently link the signature, people will get used to that convention. It might be a good idea to put something in parentheses like “(Editor’s Note: Left click the signature to view Ancestry.com data on the author.)” for awhile as people get used to the idea.


15 05 2012
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks for the feedback, Brett. Oh Lord, I hope I don’t need to put instructions on how to use links – I’ve got links everywhere in most of my posts. I assume some minimum level of hyperlink understanding, and to do otherwise would really crap things up! I think I’ll just leave it as is for now.


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