Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Theatrical Trailer

13 02 2012

Coming June 22, 2012



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14 02 2012
Brad Forbush

…I wonder if it will be historically accurate…


14 02 2012
Harry Smeltzer

There are probably people asking this question seriously, with no sense of irony at all. There were in fact some minor historical inaccuracies in the book, as I’ve mentioned, however they all pale in comparison to the whole vampire thing. People need to lighten up and have fun.


9 05 2012
The Schaef

Agreed. Think of it in the same way Grahame-Smith did Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, borrowing much of the book’s material, and then giving it just that slight twist to make the context sound as if it had always been about fighting zombies.

Similarly, the words and deeds of Mr. Lincoln are taken from the pages of history, and then twisted from a war against tyranny to a war against vampires which is told be be the true undercurrent of the Civil War.

And as Harry said, it’s stupid campy fun, in the vein of Joss Whedon. just go in and have fun with the material.


15 02 2012
Chris Evans

Interesting. Smart using the great Johnny Cash in the trailer.

I wonder what battle was being depicted? Also, it looks like they went to some trouble to depict the Inauguration. Never thought the best depiction of that so far would be in a ‘Vampire Hunter’ movie.



16 02 2012
Harry Smeltzer


The only (Civil War) battle depicted to much of a degree in the book was First Bull Run. However, there are lots of fights in the book involving AL, and one pretty big one with a stampede, IIRC.


15 02 2012
Eric Swanger

What most impressed me about the book was the assassination/death scene. While I’ve not read a ton of Lincoln bios (maybe five or sixish), this one completely takes the cake in that portrayal. If I remember right, the author played it straight, with no vamps at all, and just focused on Lincoln dying. In that way, and in such a book, it was kind of a twist.

I’ll be waiting at the theater at midnight to watch it like it’s Star Wars or something.


16 02 2012
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Eric – though I wouldn’t really call this a bio!


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