My Apologies…

10 09 2010

…for the paucity of posts of late.  Work is really hectic with no signs of letting up any time soon.  I recently submitted my portion of a forum article for an academic journal.  I have to submit my previews for Harry’s Just Wild About… for America’s Civil War by Monday, and next weekend I’ll be heading back to Gettysburg to finish up the field work for my next Collateral Damage article (two Civil War Times issues from now).  I hope to make a quick trip to Sharpsburg on Saturday for the anniversary – even if my knees are telling me hiking is not likely.

I am sorry for this but I have to pay the bills.  The next posts will be a preview of Men of Color to Arms (which is not technically a Civil War book) and an interview with author Joe Reinhart who’s been doing some really interesting stuff on German soldiers in the Union army.  I also owe you a look at the current issue of America’s Civil War.  I should be in my office all day tomorrow (until the Nittany Lions square off against the minions of  Satan Saban), so maybe I’ll have some time to make some headway on these three things at least.