Shockoe Hill Cemetery’s Bull Run Dead

26 02 2010

Friend Robert Moore sent me some links to lists of Union POW’s memorialized in Richmond’s Shockoe Hill Cemetery.  These men died in captivity and were buried along outside the east wall of the cemetery (thanks to reader Jeffry Burden).  They were disinterred and moved in 1866 to Richmond National Cemetery.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) erected a marker to them in 1938, and the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) put up another one in 2002.  See photos here.

Turns out there are a lot of names on those lists that are or may possibly be of men who were captured at First Bull Run – actually, a surprising number.  This will take a little time, but I’ll try to put the list together and post it here.  For now, you can find the names of all the identified soldiers here.

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4 responses

26 02 2010
Jeffry Burden

Harry –

Actually, the men were buried to the east just across the street from the Cemetery, alongside the old City Hospital & Poor House. My research into the Shockoe Hill POW dead determined that many indeed were Bull Run casualties. If you can identify more of them, so much the better.

BTW, I recently read Gen. Wllcox’s memoir, “Forgotten Valor”, which recounts his time in Richmond at G.H. #1 with Col. Ricketts and other prisoners. I note he speaks very highly of Charles Bell Gibson, the surgeon in charge at that hospital. (Dr. Gibson’s grave at Shockoe Hill Cemetery was finally marked in 2005.)


26 02 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Sorry Jeff – I got the info about the original burial location from this site:

I tried to find an earlier comment by you re: Shockoe Hill, but couldn’t turn one up using my comment search. I’ll take your word vis. the location and amend my post above.

I’ve written a few articles about Forgotten Valor here, including these:


21 09 2013
Lois Case

Is there a list of those who died in the battle and who are buried in this cemetery?


22 09 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Lois, click the last word in the post, “here.”


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