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7 07 2009

I echo Drew’s thanks to Brett Schulte for co-ordinating the multi-blog project on top-ten Gettysburg books.  It will be interesting to see all the selections laid out – something I believe Brett is working on (UPDATE: here’s Brett’s list).  It looks like four of my selections (Busey & Martin, Reardon, Imhof and Coco) made at least one of the other lists, which I admit is two more books than I expected.  The remaining six found no love from the others.  Happily (or disturbingly), with the exception of four I own all the titles mentioned.

I noticed that most of my fellows seemed to put more weight on the importance of the books in gaining an understanding of the battle – kind of a suggested reading list approach – than perhaps did I.  I recognize that Coddington wrote the Gettysburg bible, and was one third of the holy trinity of Bachelder/Coddington/Pfanz.  But I surely didn’t enjoy reading his book and doubt I will ever put myself through that again – especially all that flipping to his vitally important notes.  My list put more emphasis on favorite than on best.  Maybe that was the coward’s way out, but I can live with it.



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7 07 2009
Brett Schulte - TOCWOC


You’re welcome! Thanks for joining in. The combined list goes out on Tuesday at around 8 Central.


8 07 2009
Craig Swain

I think my picks were of books less well regarded than yours! Only three made the overall top ten. Either we are way, way off base (and me further than you), or we are picking through some of the less trafficked ground of Gettysburg.

Sort of like to think the later….


8 07 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Ha! I had only ONE on the overall top ten (Carol Reardon’s book), so I am either a bigger loser or more eclectic than you!


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