Enthusiasm for First Bull Run is, well, UNCURBABLE

19 10 2015

OK, so Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie, may see things differently. But dad seems pretty fired up! Find the hint to the photo’s location at the left background of the photo below (found here):


I have no idea when this was taken, but maybe some of our friends at the Park can help out?



7 responses

19 10 2015
Gerry M

heny house hill


19 10 2015
Harry Smeltzer

That’s a big hill. Care to be more precise, Gerry? Maybe share your reasoning?


19 10 2015
Scott Bellefeuille

I would guess Manassas National Battlefield…with the Union Henry Hill First Manassas monument in the background??? If it is….I helped replace with a ‘new’ fence around the monument. It was a lot of hard work…all done hand.



19 10 2015
Harry Smeltzer

Yes, I think you’re seeing the right things in the distance. But how about closer up? Where is Larry standing?


19 10 2015
Adrienne Morris

Reblogged this on Nothing Gilded, Nothing Gained–Writing Historical Fiction at Middlemay Farm and commented:
Larry David!!!


20 10 2015
John Foskett

I’m guessing that Larry’s daughter was disappointed when she figured out what Dad meant when he said they were getting a Parrott.

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22 10 2015
Will Hickox

Larry was a history major in college and I always appreciated his references to the Civil War on “Seinfeld.” After all, what *did* soldiers do for toilet paper?

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