Preview: Scott Patchan, “The Battle of Piedmont and Hunter’s Raid on Staunton”

19 04 2011

I received Scott C. Patchan’s The Battle of Piedmont and Hunter’s Raid on Staunton: The 1864 Shenandoah Campaign from The History Press in the mail last week. This is an updated version of Scott’s earlier work, The Forgotten Fury: The Battle of Peidmont, Virginia (1996). But this is no simple reprint: it’s a substantial rewrite with more maps. Scott informs me that his is the only book that correctly describes the role played by Vaughn’s Tennessee brigade – they did not simply sit back and watch the defeat. For the first time the actions of units like the 28th Ohio, Thomas Legion and Brewer’s Battalion are accurately described as well. In addition, Scott describes a number of battlefield and campaign sites.

The book is 154 pages of text, with 20 pages of notes and a full bibliography listing a number of unpublished manuscript sources. It’s also liberally illustrated with photographs, engravings and maps.



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