Lincoln’s Books

28 10 2009

As far as I know, he didn’t write any.  I’m pretty sure he wrote a third person biography for a pamphlet as part of the 1860 presidential campaign.   A poem or two.  Lots of letters.  Speeches.  Bills.  Briefs.  At least one proclamation.

But no books. 

Correct me if I’m wrong.

See here.  Wow.

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One response

29 10 2009
Chris Evans

That’s a bizarre statement to make. I really can’t think of any books that Lincoln might have wrote. A couple of really well written books by a President ,since TR, that I can think of are ‘At Ease: Stories I Tell my friends’ by Eisenhower which I don’t believe was ghost-written and is a completely charming book. It is more personal and reader friendly than his ‘Crusade in Europe’. Plus Truman’s really fun read that Dimitri did not mention, ‘Where the Buck Stops: The Personal and Private Writings of Harry S. Truman’ that contains Truman’s opinions on different parts of American history and is very enjoyable and funny. It is book length. That’s two of my favorites by Presidents so to see the head of the NEA make some statement like that is pretty ludicrous.


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