Preview – Taylor, “The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known”

2 07 2018

New from Kent State University Press is Paul Taylor’s The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known: The North’s Union Leagues in the American Civil War.

As enthusiasm for the war and confidence in victory waned in the North – and opposition “Copperheadism” reared its head – loyal Lincoln men took action, “These men formed what became known as Union Leagues: semi-secretive societies whose members had to possess unconditional loyalty to the Lincoln administration.”

In Complete Political Machine, Mr. Taylor chronicles the Union League movement, its influence, and its legacy. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

You get:

  • A forward by Lincoln biographer Jonathan W. White
  • 252 pages of narrative
  • 30 pages of endnotes
  • A 27 page bibliography, including dozens of unpublished sources, newspapers, and dissertations
  • A full index

Paul Taylor is the author of numerous Civil War books, all well received. See his Amazon author page here.