First Bull Run Orders of Battle

23 02 2012

Just a reminder: the Orders of Battle (OOB) in the Resources section of this site are maps to most of the primary data on this site. If you’re looking for info on a particular unit, find them on the OOB, and if there is anything on the site for them you’ll find the links. There are some mistakes in my OOBs that I haven’t got around to fixing yet – spelling, first names and such for the most part. I plan to have pages for each command at some point, with a deeper roster of officers to company level, unit histories, etc. But my friend across the pond Jonathan Soffe has a great resource at Be sure to check it out and verify info you may find here. If you discover we are at odds, let me know.


3 08 2011

Here’s what’s in store, I think.

I want to fix up my OOBs. There are some errors, and I’d like to finally get around to incorporating Jonathan Soffe’s company level stuff as we discussed a long time ago.

I plan to focus more on posting to the resources section. I let things get away from me in that regard for way too long.

More good stuff coming up!