Medal of Honor: John F. Hartranft

28 08 2008

Rank: Colonel

Organization: 4th PA Militia.

Entered Service: Norristown, PA

Born: New Hanover Twp, PA

Date Medal Issued: 26 August 1886

Date of Action: 21 July 1861

Place of Action: Bull Run, VA

Citation: Voluntarily served as an aide and participated in the battle after expiration of his term of service, distinguishing himself in rallying several regiments which had been thrown into confusion.

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Medal of Honor: James E. Cross

28 08 2008

Rank: Corporal

Organization: Company K, 12th New York Infantry.

Entered Service: ?

Birth: Darien, NY

Date Medal Issued: 5 April 1898

Date of Action: 18 July 1861

Place of Action: Blackburn’s Ford, VA

Citation: With a companion, refused to retreat when the part of the regiment to which he was attached was driven back in disorder, but remained upon the skirmish line for some time thereafter, firing upon the enemy.

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Medal of Honor: Walter H. Cooke

25 08 2008

Rank: Captain

Organization: Company K, 4th PA Militia

Entered Service: ?

Birth: Norristown, PA

Date Medal Issued: 19 May 1887

Date of Action: 21 July 1861

Place of Action: Bull Run, VA

Citation: Voluntarily served as an aide on the staff of Col. David Hunter and participated in the battle, his term of service having expired on the previous day.

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Medal of Honor: Samuel N. Benjamin

25 08 2008


Rank: First Lieutenant

Organization: Battery B, 2d US Artillery

Entered Service: New York, NY

Birth: New York, NY

Date Medal Issued: 11 June 1877

Date of Action: Jul 1861 to May 1864

Place of Action: From Bull Run to Spotsylvania, VA

Citation: Particularly distinguished services as an artillery officer.

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Medal of Honor: Adelbert Ames

25 08 2008

Rank: First Lieutenant

Organization: 5th US Artillery, Battery D

Entered Service: Rockland, ME

Birth: East Thomaston, ME

Date Medal Issued: 22 June 1894

Date of Action: 21 July 1861

Place of Action: Bull Run, VA

Citation: Remained upon the field in command of a section of Griffin’s Battery, directing its fire after being severely wounded and refusing to leave the field until too weak to sit upon the caisson where he had been placed by men of his command.

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Medals of Honor Page

20 04 2008

I have a new page up on the right, Medals of Honor.  Right now it lists the names and units of the 13 soldiers awarded the medal for their actions at First Bull Run and Blackburn’s Ford.  Eventually I’ll post entries detailing those actions and will link to them on this new page.

Bull Run MOH and Other Stuff

7 02 2008


mary-walker.jpgI ran across a news article that mentioned Dr. Mary Walker (left), the only female winner of the Medal of Honor.  She was awarded it for her performance at Bull Run.  Later it was taken away, and even later it was given back.

As I said, I’ll be adding MOH sketches to this site.  I’ve also decided to add Bull Run articles from the Southern Historical Society Papers.  I have them in digital format on my OR superdisk, so it won’t be too difficult.  Now, if I could just find someone with an index to the National Tribune and access to the Bull Run related articles, I could post those, too.

I’ve made about as much progress on the O’Rorke letter as I’ll likely make.  I’ll type it up and get it posted here as well…it will be the first Personal Correspondence I’ll put up.dude.jpg

I’ve also been thinking more about what this blog is all about.  It has something to do with poetry and Buddhism, or rather Dudism, as expressed not by the Dude, but by the one who made him.  It’s in the formative stages, to be firmed up either when I’m in the shower or on the elliptical.