Image: Officers of West Augusta Guards (Later Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry)

10 08 2020

Seated, left to right: Lt. James Bumgardner, Jr.; Lt. Henry K. Cochran; Lt. Thomas J. Burke; Lt. James H. Waters. Standing, Capt. W. S. H. Baylor (Source)

Capt. James Hurley Waters, Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry, On the Death of Pvt. Joab Horace Seely. Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry

9 08 2020

The following feeling and well deserved tributes to the memory of Jaob Horace Seely, a brave and noble soldier, written by W. S. H. Baylor, Major of the 5th Virginia Regiment, and James H. Waters, Captain of the West Augusta Guards, will cause a thrill of sorrow to fill the hearts of all who knew the deceased:

Manassa Junction, July 22d, 1861.

Mrs. Seely: – Yesterday’s train brought you the body of a brave son who died a hero in defence of his home – your home – the home of us all. His loss cast a deep gloom over every one, and the laurels of our victory droop when we remember how dear a friend and noble soldier we have lost. I was in advance, by his side, and at all times during the battle near him, and I never saw more coolness or bravery in all my life. When he fell he was but a few steps from me, fighting where the battle was the heaviest and the bullets flew the thickest, and just before he fell he remarked, “If I get killed in this fight, tell my Mother that I died a brave man.” The night before the battle I knelt by his side at a prayer meeting held by our Company, where some of his comrades offered up earnest petitions to the great and good Father above for the safety of our bodies and souls, and we all sung praises to Him who ruleth the armies of earth as well as the skies. I have watched your son for a long time, and I knew him to be a good Christian man; so you “do not mourn as one without hope.” Be comforted – weep not for his loss – he is now in a happier land, where there are no more wars for parting, but all one glorious, happy rejoicing.

Joab was the favorite of all his companions and of all who met with him, and many a tear was shed on the battle-field when death was waging all around to hear of the fall of two of our noble men, and we intend, when his name is called upon the roll of the Company, his companions will answer for him, “He died a brave man upon the battle-field.”

I will send you all that was in his knapsack, and hope you will all try and bear up under this deep affliction that you are called upon to bear, and may God in His mercy comfort your hearts and give you the strength to bear up under the loss of your only and dearly beloved son. In conclusion, accept my best wishes for a great deal of health and prosperity.

I am, with respect, yours,
James H. Waters, Capt., W. A. G.,
Comp. L. 5th Regiment.

Staunton (VA) Spectator, 8/20/1861

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