Pvt. Daniel A. Sharpe, Co. A, 13th New York Infantry, On the Battle

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Letter from the Standard Bearer of the Thirteenth.

Fort Corcoran, July 23d.

Dear Parents – Knowing how anxious you will be to hear of our safety, I hasten to write you a few lines concerning our terrible and bloody battle. We had one fight on Thursday, and account of which I sent you.

On Sunday morning, at 2 o’clock, we left camp 40,000 strong, and marched eight miles and attacked 100,000 of the enemy. In the woods. The fight lasted from 9 in the morning till five in the evening. Old soldiers say it was the most desperate and bloody conflict that ever took place in the same length of time.

We were forced to retreat thirty miles to this place, where we arrived (or what is left of us) at 8 yesterday morning. The enemy followed us, cutting off the wounded and stragglers. The only one of the killed that you knew was Charles Buckley; he was shot through the neck and arm. We left him at a house near the battle-field; but I heard that his body was to be brought on this morning.

I was in the heat of the action all this time, with the colors; and all were surprised to see me return with them alive. They were shot through twice.

Tell Johnny I am sorry to tell him the revolver is gone; but he has the satisfaction to know it saved my life twice, and killed two of the enemy.

When we retreated from their battery, four of them followed me, and in jumping a fence I fell and dropped it.

Hoping this will find you in good health,

I remain yours, &c.,
Dan. Sharpe

Rochester (NY) Evening Express, 7/27/1861

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