Preview – Cashin, “War Stuff”

4 10 2018


New from Cambridge University Press is War Stuff: The Struggle for Human and Environmental Resources in the American Civil War, by Joan E. Cashin. We’ve often read of the Civil War being one of resources: specifically, the Union had more, and the outcome was, in that regard, inevitable, a question of time. In this work, Cashin, a history professor at THE Ohio State University takes a look at the mechanics of marshalling those resources (including not just the civilians, but their skillsets), and the human impact of that process. From the introduction:

This book focuses on attitudes toward resources, both human and material, and the wartime struggle for resources between soldiers and civilians.

You get:

  • 171 pp. of narrative
  • 24 illustrations
  • 35 pp. of endnotes
  • 35 pp. bibliography, including 86 different archives and manuscript collections.

This looks interesting to me. It does seem to focus heavily on the Confederacy, but given where the bulk of operations occurred and where the impact on day to day life was most severe, that’s understandable.