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The Union and Confederate Orders of Battle (OOB’s) may be accessed by clicking on the links under the “Pages” section in the right hand margin of the page.  Names of individuals and units that have been mentioned in articles in the blog appear brighter on the page, and by clicking your mouse over these linked names you will be directed to a page or pages (10 per page) summarizing the different articles.  You can access those articles by clicking on their titles.

If a Biographical Sketch of the individual has been written on this site, a hyperlinked “B” will appear after the name; if Official Correspondence or Official Reports have been posted on the site for the individual, an “OC” or “OR” will appear.  Personal Correspondence – “PC”; Testimony before the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the war – “T”.  Click on these links to go to the corresponding sketch or transcription.

  • Order of Battle – CSA
  • Order of Battle – USA
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    2 06 2008

    Harry, I was doing some background research on one of the “markers” at HMDB and wondered if you have anything regarding a William Moir Smith, 71st NYSM. The base entry is here: http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?MarkerID=7343 While not a traditional “marker” we included it based on the unique appearance and the historical facts presented beyond just birth and death.



    2 06 2008
    Harry Smeltzer


    I’ll take a look through my stuff. Green-Wood cemetery has a Civil War project that resulted in Final Camping Ground: Civil War Veterans at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery in 2007. This book sounds like it might be right op your alley.


    21 04 2010
    Shirley fike

    The following is on my Great grandfathers headstone. I was wondering if you could explain it .
    Samuel MaGuire
    Co.C. 11th Regt

    also there is a bronze star on his grave that says G A R 1861-1865.

    I just found his grave today and I have been told he fought in the civil war and I can’t figue out what the GAR means


    21 04 2010
    Harry Smeltzer

    Shirley, G.A.R. stands for Grand Army of the Republic. It was an association of Union Veterans of the Civil War, kind of like the American Legion or Amvets (some Legion Halls labor under the impression that they are the successors of the GAR, but they aren’t). The GAR had chapters all over the United States, with meeting halls. Co. C is Company C, the company of the 11th Regiment to which he belonged. I don’t know what state you’re writing from, but since the stone does not designate it I assume it is an infantry regiment of the state in which he is buried. The bronze flag holder/marker is standard for those placed by the GAR on veterans’ graves, though a relatively few early ones are not star shaped.


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