Image: Pvt. William Rhadamanthus Montgomery, Co. I, 2nd South Carolina Infantry

6 04 2022
William R. Montgomery (FindAGrave)

Georgia Sharpshooter : The Civil War Diary and Letters of William Rhadamanthus Montgomery 1839-1906

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Image: Capt. Elbert Bland, Co. H, 7th South Carolina Infantry

4 04 2022
Elbert Bland (FindAGrave)

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Image: Lt. Col. Charles Wentworth Roberts, 2nd Maine Infantry

31 03 2022
Charles Wentworth Roberts (Courtesy of Brad Pruden)

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Image: Sgt. William Alexander McQueen, Co. D, 2nd South Carolina Infantry

26 03 2022
William Alexander McQueen (FindAGrave)

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Image: Pvt. Lyman E. Stowe, Co. F, 2nd Michigan Infantry

24 03 2022
Lyman E. Stowe is the tall individual in the rear Source

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Image: Pvt. William Boardman Reed, Co. C, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry

3 03 2022
William Boardman Reed (Source)

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Image: Corp. Felix Butler, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry

10 02 2022
Felix Butler, Courtesy of Manassas NBP

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More on Felix Butler

Image: Pvt. Nathaniel Mann Calder, Sr., Co. D, 7th Georgia Infantry

1 02 2022
Nathaniel Mann Calder, Sr. Source

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Image: Capt. William Grosvenor Ely, Acting Commissary, Keyes’s Brigade

21 01 2022
William Grosvenor Ely (Source)

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Image: Lt. Samuel Johnson Cramer Moore, Co. I, 2nd Virginia Infantry

9 08 2021
Samuel Johnson Cramer Moore (from FindAGrave)