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31 03 2009
Dennis P. Bielewicz

Dear Harry Smeltzer,

Can you please share the address and/or email address for Roger D. Hunt? I would like to contact him to correspond about several photographs of one of my relatives he donated to the USAMHI. I have other Civil War soldier photographs he might be interested in.

thank you,

D.P. Bielewicz

31 03 2009
Harry Smeltzer


I’d like to oblige you, but I’ve never corresponded with Mr. Hunt, and don’t know how to get hold of him.

5 06 2009

We are relatives of Captain TJ and Dr. Langston Goree, CSA.
TJ was my grandmother’s (Fannie Brevard Goree) uncle and Dr. Langston was my great grandfather.

5 06 2009

We have a post bellum daguerrotype showing all the Goree brothers. Dr. Langston Goree caught a Minie ball in his left hand at Manassas, but persuaded the surgeon to leave him a thumb and 2 adjacent fingers, since he was a dentist. The wounded hand shows in the photo.

5 06 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Cool, David. If there are any letters or photos you’d like to share to be added to the database here, let me know. Thanks for stopping by.

20 06 2009
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22 09 2009
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19 03 2010
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30 07 2010
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2 08 2010
Brad Forbush

I truly appreciate your link to my humble blog.

8 12 2010
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3 11 2011
S. Thomas Summers

Thanks for including me and my blog. All the best.

19 04 2013

Hi, I am doing a project for my school on the book “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” and am researching fact vs. fiction in the book. On page 272, it describes a young Union private damed Andrew Merrow who wrote to his wife on July 23, 1861 about the events of the battle and the “vampires” he had encountered. According to the book, it was long-thought to be a fiction work but, in reality, it was fact. It also states that this letter is held in the Harvard Archives, though there is no direct evidence of it on their website. Though I know the letter’s contents was fiction (obviously) I was just curious to know if the letter actually existed. Thank you for your time!

19 04 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Olivia – no, the letter does not exist.

31 10 2014
Brian Klisavage

Hello, my name is Helen Nee and I’m a student in Mr.Klisavage’s junior history class. Before the night of my test, I was speaking to my dad about the Civil War, and he told me an interesting story about my family. My dad’s ancestors were Southern plantation farmers in Georgia near Atlanta during the Civil War. My great great great grandfather was ill when Sherman invaded Georgia. His troops came onto his plantation, dragged his bed outside of his home, and then set his plantation on fire. We thought you would enjoy this interesting story!

31 10 2014
Harry Smeltzer

Hello Helen,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. That’s a cool story to have in your family tree. I encourage you to research it more fully – there is a lot of legend and hyperbole regarding Sherman’s march to the sea (you will see here that Sherman, known as “Cump” or “Uncle Billy” to his men, was a brigade commander in General McDowell’s army, and played a prominent, if less than successful role in the First Battle of Bull Run.) Some is true, some is not, and some falls somewhere on that spectrum of true/not true. If you need help, let me know, but is a good place to start. Keep me posted.

By the way, your history teacher is pretty cool, too.


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