Hey You…

9 02 2023

…the one who’s been reading the heck out of the resources for the past week. What are you working on? Don’t forget to cite us!



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9 02 2023
Meg Groeling

Yeah! And introduce yourself, please. This is a collective endeavor over here.

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9 02 2023
Paul falzon

Apart from doing some research about two years ago to make a model for a Bull Run diorama documenting the battle between 3pm and 5pm I have not used your site for research. I read your posts but do not use it for commercial or other purposes. Australians have little or no knowledge about this battle so I take the opportunity to educate my grandchildren and their friends as I take them through the battle and the intimate disclosures of what it was like to live through it by citing the letters etc from the field.
So thank you for your tremendous effort in keeping this cite open.

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9 02 2023
Harry Smeltzer

That’s great, Paul! I do have a few followers in Australia.

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