Lt. F. B., 18th Mississippi Infantry, On Capt. Adam McWillie, Co. G

16 12 2022

For the Mississippian

Captain Adam McWillie.


Camp “Bull Run,” Va.,
July 30, 1861.

Ed. Mississippian: – The hero and patriot whose name heads this article, fell before the enemy at Bull Run, Va., on the 21st instant, while at the head of his company striking a manly blow for his county.

When the first news reached headquarters of the 18th Miss. Regiment that Capt. McWillie had fallen, all hearts were filled with gloom. Profound sadness hung her sable mantle over a battalion of as brave hearts as ever formed a column. The big tears would make their way down the cheeks of his late fellow officers and soldiers as harbingers of the heaving emotions of generous souls which mourned for their late comrade as one of their brightest jewels.

The writer well remembers his acquaintance with Captain McWillie in connection with the 1st Mississippi Regiment during the Mexican war, under command of Col. Jeff. Davis, and bear testimony to the noble qualities which characterizes the patriot, and hero which he possessed; and amid the arduous struggles of that campaign his name was the watchword to fame. Ever honored be his memory; peace to his sleeping ashes. May Heaven’s messengers mark his resting place. Sighing pines sing his requiem, while the turbid stream will point the passer by to the tomb of the generous dead.

Lieut. F. B. Miss. Regt.

The Weekly (Jackson) Mississippian, 8/21/1861

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