Capt. William L. Davis, Co. F, 2nd Mississippi Infantry, On the Battle and Casualties

2 12 2022

List of Killed and Wounded of Second Regiment Mississippi Volunteers, in the Engagement of July, 1861, at Manassas


Manassas July 31st. 1861.

Maj. Barksdale: – I herewith send you a list of the killed and wounded of Col. Falkner’s Regiment in the battle of Manassas July 21st 1861.

It was a glorious day for us and will ever be remembered by the lovers of liberty with feelings of heartfelt joy. I have no hesitancy in saying that there never was a more complete victory won than was won by our troops on that occasion.

It is true that we lost a great many valuable lives, but the loss of the enemy was ten times greater than ours. The best blood of Mississippi flowed freely and mingled with the blood of her sister Southern States.

Our Regiment charged on and took four pieces of cannon supposed to be a portion of Sherman’s old battery. Sixty cannon were taken in all and a very large quantity of small arms. My Company suffered severely in the charge upon the battery. 2nd Lieut. John H. Smith and 3rd Lt. N. T. Brasselman,* both gallant officers of my company fell dead just in front and within thirty paces of the battery, four of my privates and one Sergeant fell mortally wounded just at the cannons mouth; every company in the regiment suffered severely. When the charge was made we went into the fight with five hundred and thirty one men, twenty one were killed on the field, ten have since died, making thirty one killed and seventy nine were wounded. Among the wounded was our gallant Colonel, a fragment of a bomb struck him on the left cheek, and knocked him off his horse; his horse was killed but he got another and remained on the field until the close of the action. – When the fight commenced, “Now” said he, “Voys remember your homes, your wives and children and sweet hearts and give ’em hell,” and every man walked into the fight determined to win or die.

It was a desperate fight but I am now convinced that our cause is safe. Every State that was represented in the fight may be proud of her sons for each and every man did his duty. Our Lieut. Colonel was taken prisoner and his horse killed in the charge upon the battery. Below is a correct list of killed and wounded.

W. L. Davis.

Field and Staff.
Col W. C. Falkner, slightly wounded; Sergeant Major Jno. A. Blair, slightly wounded.

Company A. – Killed.
Sergt. B. F. Boone, H. J. Hill, and A. G. Thomas.
Jno. P. Rose, severely; Dudley Parkes, severely; Jno. Whitley; Thos. J. Cooley, severely; Samuel Neeley, severely; J. P. Birge, slightly.

Company B. – Killed.
Jno. T. Thorn
Lt. J. N. Scally, severely; J. W. Parr, severely; Rose Byrn, slightly; Peter Hamerschmidt slightly; R. E. Delaney, slightly; J. L. Grace, slightly; Matthew Knox, slightly; A. W. Livingston, slightly; J. W. McDaniel, severely; Wilburn Sergeant, severely; Allen Talbot, severely; H. T. Webb, severely; A. D. Walff, slightly.

Company C. – Killed.
David H. Fraylor, R. B. Merchant, Thomas J. Deaton, W. D. Nelson.
W. W. Westbrook, severely; G. H. Turner, slightly; J. B. Starcy, slightly; W. J. Sisk, slightly.

Company D. – Killed.
Lieut. J. C. Butler, Moses J. Eaker
J. M. Daniel, severely; J. P. Plunket, severely; J. J. Cox, slightly; H. L. Thompson, slightly; T. K. Todd, severely; M. C. Sulph, severely; Jeremiah Fulton, severely; Robert Ross, severely; R. A. Allen, severely; R. M. Walker, missing.

Company E. – Wounded.
Thomas R. Strickland, severely; Robt. Whitley, severely; Chas. Nelson, slightly; Wm. McCombs, slightly; Wm. Powell, slightly; J. T. Bates, slightly; Ira Woodward, slightly.

Company F. – Killed.
Lieut. J. H. Smith, Lieut. N. T. Bragelman.* Sergt. E. D. Sullivan, S. A. McBride, J. A. Norton, J. A. Green, L. J. Hudson.
W. A. Morgan, severely; R. C. Worsham, slightly; John Cook, slightly; W. L. Luna, severely; J. M. Robertson, severely.

Company G. – Killed.
Lieut R. A. Palmer, John M. Ward, W. E. Wiley.
Spottswood Dandridge, severely; J. W. Alexander, severely; Davide Boyce, slightly; A. J. Clements, severely; B. M. Elgy, severely; Eli Griffin, slightly; W. E. Montgomery, slightly; A. J. McMicken, severely; W. H. Newson, slightly; J. J. Pickens, severely; M. T. Pagens, slightly; M. T. Stewart, slightly; S. H. Williamson, severely.

Company H. – Killed.
D. V. McCarty, Archibald Clarke.
Wm. Giallard, severely; W. T. Ayers, slightly; R. A. Gaines, slightly; Jas. Hubbard, severely; A. M. Hill, severely; William Johnson, slightly; Phillip Long, slightly; J. T. Mitchell, severely; A. K. Roberts. slightly; W. N. T. Thompson, severely.

Company J. – Wounded.
J. N. Lyon, severely.

Company K. – Killed.
W. T. Fay, Jeff. Williams.
J. H. Miller, severely; R. G. Weaver, severely; A. S. Tubbs, slightly; H. A. J. Inman, severely; J. A. Keenan, severely; Benj. Harvey, severely; Lieutenant-Colonel B. B. Boone, missing.

The Weekly Panola (MS) Star, 8/14/1861

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*Nathan T. Braselman

William L. Davis at

William L. Davis at Fold3

William L. Davis at FindAGrave (possibly)



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