Pvt. Matthew S. Ramsey, Co. D, 5th Alabama Infantry, Before the Battle

17 01 2022

From the Seat of War.

For the Beacon.

Farr’s X Roads,
Near Fairfax C. H., Va.,
July 15, 1861.

Col. Harvey – Dear Sir: – I guess you think our correspondence is about to cease entirely. We are not allowed to furnish any news now for publication. Orders to this effect are continually being read before the Regiments of the Brigade. We are on the advance line of General Beauregard’s army. Our station is fifteen miles from Manassas Junction. We do not know when an engagement will take place here. I am altogether in doubt as to that now. Our Regiment is filled now by a fine looking Company from Barbour county, Ala., Capt. Blackfort. The Flying Artillery Company has not been released from Pensacola. We are now very anxious to have them here.

The ”Greensboro Guards,” who are here, are now very healthy. – We learn that Messers. Miller and Bulger, at Culpepper C. H., are yet pretty sick. These are the only serious cases we have had. – come good men and soldiers will have to be discharged from the service in consequence of prolonged indisposition. I think Messrs. C. T. Briggs and James A. Loster have already been discharged.

On Friday last a scouting party composed of a Captain, a Lieutenant and 15 privates, marched nearly into the enemy’s camp unconsciously. They were immediately nearly surrounded by the enemy in pretty large numbers, who attempted to out-flank and cut them off. The Captain, knowing there was no use in making any resistance, ordered his men to make their escape as quickly as possible. They have all come into camp except three, viz: Robt. Paulding, of the “Greensboro Guards,” Fiquet, of the “Warrior Guards,“ and Walker, of the “Pickensville Blues.”* This is Monday, and we have heard nothing from them. – Paulding, who is the son of Major Paulding, of Marengo county, was one of the best soldiers in our Company. He was brave and daring. He always did his duty cheerfully, and never missed a drill on account of sickness. He was liked by all the members of the Regiment who knew him.

I have no time to write more now. We have received the Beacon pretty regularly since we came here.

Yours truly,
M. S. R

P. S. Judge Moore’s Regiment is ordered and gone to Winchester. Captain Van de Graff’s Company from Gainesvillle is at Manassas Junction. Mrs. Gen. Kerr is at Culpepper attending our sick. She will long be remembered by the “Greensboro Guards.” She is acting nobly. I would like to tell you more about our position, &c., but if any one communicates this, he would lay himself liable to be court-martialed; besides, it would do no good for our friends to know the circumstances by which we are surrounded.

M. S. R.

*A letter dated the 16th, from a member of the 5th Ala. Regiment, has been received here, which states that the three missing members of this scouting party had been taken prisoners. – Ed.

(Greensboro) Alabama Beacon, 7/26/1861

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Roster of 5th Alabama Infantry

Matthew S. Ramsey at Ancestry

Matthew S. Ramsey at Fold3



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