Pvt. Jesse W. (W. A.) Wells*, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry, On the Battle

2 01 2022

Waifs from the Seat of War

Extract of a letter from W. A. Wells, of Captain King’s Company, 4th Alabama Regiment, dated Manassas, July 22, to his father, J. D. Wells, of this city:

“Every field officer in my regiment was killed, and the men greatly cut to pieces; but we gained laurels by our gallant conduct. A six-pound cannon ball passed between my legs, and would have cut them off, if I had not been picking blackberries, and had my feet wide apart. A spent musket ball struck me on the shoulder, but did no damage more than to raise a knot.

John White fought gallantly throughout. – He shot one fellow down, and did not kill him, he thereupon seized his baggage, told him to rise and follow him, which the wounded man did. At another time when his regiment scattered, he seized the flag and charged on a lot of cannon, which were taken. He is unhurt.

The night after the battle, I lay down and slept all night by myself, where I could neither hear or see anything except the soft hum of the wind, and the groans of wounded men, and the heavens above me.”

We learn that John White, alluded to, is a nephew of Mr. Wells, and is not yet sixteen years old.

(Atlanta, GA) Southern Confederacy, 7/31/1861

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The only Wells found in Co. G of the 4th AL is Jesse W. Wells

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