15 Years Blogging

3 11 2021
No, I’ve never had it. But, if you want to send me a bottle (or case or pallet), feel free!

And then one day you find 15 years have got behind you.

Yeah, that’s a long time for a blog. A really long time for a Civil War blog. As they say, if you spend enough time in a train station you’ll see a lot of trains come, and a lot of trains go. Although, these days I’m seeing fewer and fewer trains.

It’s been fun and I’m happy I’ve been able to pretty much keep my focus (here, at least). I still have plenty of material to post, lots of letters and news items from the papers of the day. And I have a couple of other irons in the fire, including another field trip to the battlefield in the spring (I’ve lined up the guest guides, and we will be spending a lot of time on Henry House Hill this time) and a collaborative presentation project that you’ll be able to watch right here.

So, thanks for reading, and keep checking back.






5 responses

3 11 2021
Steve Reilly

Any time you are ready, you can give us the dates for the spring trip, just kindly do not use March 17th. If you have not used, the new Hilton Garden Inn, just east of the battlefield, its outstanding.


3 11 2021
Harry Smeltzer

The date will be what the date will be – whatever is conducive to the guides. But it won’t be March 17th. That’s a Thursday. And I’m pretty consistent with the Fairfield Inn. Marriott points!


3 11 2021

‘Grats, Harry! You do such good work – keep on keepin’ on!


3 11 2021
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Brian!


19 11 2021
Chris Evans

Congrats! Look forward to at least 15 more! I’ve really enjoyed the site over the years.

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