Passing Manassas, 1892 – Lillian Rozell-Messenger

30 11 2020

Lillian Rozell-Messenger

Here’s where it thundered
From field to field, and through valley to valley,
There, where the line was bluest,
Crash, fell the volley truest!
Then broke the legions, then the grand rally,
And day wept and wondered.

Here’s where the battle flame,
The cannon and tumult, uproared to heaven;
As grey legions rise and fall;
There’s wailing and triumph, the land in twain riven
By shocks of Manassas’ fame!

There’s where the sundered
And grand, stricken armies once wavered and fell;
There’s where the oriflame
Of a new nations birth came,
‘Bove tumult and fires as if risen from hell;
And the world gazed and wondered.

Here now a pilgrim passed,
Pale from the terror and roar of life’s battle!
She’s wept o’er the flying,
The dead, lost, and dying;
And voices stilled ever by death’s chilly rattle,
While Hope was the last.

Life-angel to leave her!
Long since faith, and love, as heroes inglorious,
Fell in a wrong’s night-terror,
Like Justice struck by Error;
But when the column breaks, comes one victorious!
Death, the true victor, cannot deceive her.

Confederate Veteran, Vol. 1, p. 147

Contributed by Carol Reardon

Lillian Rozell-Messenger at FindAGrave

Lillian Rozell-Messenger at Wikipedia



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