Pvt. Doctor Z. Hardin, Co. A, 6th North Carolina Infantry, On the Battle

27 08 2020

The Patriot also publishes a letter from D. Z. Hardin, a private in Col. Fisher’s regiment, from which we make the following extract:

“Our regiment was led into battle about 12 o’clock. We were in the thickest of the fight, and consequently were considerably cut up. Besides the loss of our respected Colonel, a large number of our men were killed. Our regiment, in rushing to the scene of action, were compelled to go through a dense thicket, in consequence of which we became very much scattered – to which fact our severe loss may be partly attributed. This was, if not a rash move in our Colonel, at least a very desperate one, and against which several leading officers of other regiments endeavored to persuade him; but he hearkened not to their counsels, and at the head of the regiment marched us through this dangerous pass, and as I have already stated into the thickest of the fight, where we remained until we were completely exhausted, when we were ordered to move to another portion of the field, after which all who were not too completely exhausted, again rallied and fought valiantly until the enemy were completely routed. The day after the fight I reviewed the field of battle, and such a scene can much better be imagined than described. Acres and acres of ground were so thickly covered with the dead (of the enemy,) that I could have made the entire circuit on their bodies. The wounded were scattered for miles in every direction. I conversed with a number of the wounded. They spoke freely, and curse Lincoln and his cabinet.”

Fayetteville (NC) Semi-Weekly Observer, 8/5/1861

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