Image: Capt. Robert B. Jordan, Co. A, 14th New York State Militia

18 06 2020

Capt. Robert B. Jordan, Co. A, 14th NYSM (Source)

Capt. Robert B. Jordan, Co. A, 14th New York State Militia, On Lt. Col. Edward B. Fowler in the Battle

18 06 2020


To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle

Having returned late on Saturday night from the scene of war, I was much astonished and mortified to find that there is an impression among the citizens of Brooklyn generally, that Lieut. Col Fowler had not performed his part in the great battle. It was told me that he was not on the field. I was also told that in a recent issue of your paper, you had intimated that he was guilty of cowardice. I wish sir, as an officer of the regiment to say distinctly, that any such statement as the above is a base and malignant falsehood in every particular. I have this day written to one of the officers of the impression existing here, and will in a few days give you the testimony of every remaining, from the hero of the day, Major Jourdan, down, under their own signatures, to prove conclusively the falsehood of any such charges. Col. Fowler, through no fault of his own, was not mounted, and was therefore not as conspicuous as if he had been; but of the fact of his being on the battle field from first to last, I will furnish you with ample evidence. Such statements never came from any officer of the regiment, and the pubic should be cautious how they credit stories coming from unauthorized parties, as they do an incalculable amount of injury to a brave and highly competent officer. You will confer a favor on the regiment by giving this an insertion. I should have called on you myself, but am confined to the house by a wound in the shoulder. Any person wishing further explanation will find me at 76 Powers street.

Respectfully, yours,
Robt. B. Jordan,
Capt. Co. A, 14th Regt.
Brooklyn, July 29.

[We are positive that in no paragraph in the Eagle has it been intimated that Lieut. Col. Fowler was guilty of cowardice. We have always taken him to be a competent officer and brave man, and have heard nothing reliable to the contrary, and would certainly not publish anything derogatory about our Brooklyn men, unless the facts were well authenticated. – Ed.]

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, 7/29/1861

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84th New York Infantry roster (the 14th NYSM became the 84th New York Volunteer Infantry 

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