Yet More Handcuffs

23 04 2020

Here’s another example of reports of vast quantities of handcuffs taken by the Confederates from the debris of the Federal army after First Bull Run. Again, it’s second-hand, and perhaps an example of a recruiting gimmick.

Thirty Thousand Handcuffs.

It is stated that among the spoils taken from the enemy in the late glorious victory, were thirty thousand handcuffs! Gentlemen of respectability say they have themselves seen these novel and extraordinary appendages of an invading army.

Thirty thousand handcuffs! And for whom and for what? It is easy to guess. To treat as guilty felons, to enslave and secure for a felon’s death, the patriotic sons of the South, whose only crime is the defence of constitutional liberty, and resistance to the tyrant and usurper at Washington. If this does not rouse the whole South to rise as one man against this hideous adversary, we know nothing of the character of her people. – Richmond Examiner

Athens (GA) Southern Banner, 8/7/1861

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Contributed by John Hennessy



2 responses

23 04 2020
Steve Reilly

If a spaceship landed in Georgia, and the space folks were allowed to walk around Georgia, reading all the civil war signs, visiting the state battlefield parks. When they returned, their report would read, that back in 1861–1865 their was a civil war and Georgia won. Following that up, all the fake news that was in the Georgia newspapers during the was. It can’t be a surprise that the Athens (GA) Southern Banner, 8/7/1861, would print a fake article.


23 04 2020
Harry Smeltzer

In the Peach State’s defense, this article was first printed in the Richmond Examiner. That’s Richmond…VIRGINIA.


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