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7 10 2019


On May 11, 2020, I’ll be giving a talk on First Bull Run in Charleston, SC, where the Ft. Sumter Civil War Round Table meets at The Citadel. Barring any other invite prior to that, this will mark the farthest I’ve travelled to speak, and my first sojourn to do so in the heart of Secessia, a state which partners with Virginia to bracket the Vale of Humility which is North Carolina. It should be a fun trip and I’m really looking forward to it. More as the date approaches.



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7 10 2019
Jim Morgan

And we at the Ft Sumter CWRT in the Cradle of Secession look forward to welcoming you, Harry. Just remember one important thing and you’ll be fine; it’s First Manassas, not First Bull Run.

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7 10 2019
Steve Reilly

Outstanding city, but be forewarned, the civil war is still a on going war down here in Dixie. Here in Georgia, the state has no problem with fake military history on roadside history signs. Or, in their state parks. If someone dropped in from outer space and toured Georgia, they would go back telling how Georgia, won what the locals call something like, The War of Yankee aggression.

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7 10 2019
Harry Smeltzer

Hi Steve. Not to worry, I’ve been to Charleston many, many times.


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