Tour Coming Up Soon!

28 04 2019


We’re only two weeks out from our In the Footsteps of the 69th New York State Militia at First Bull Run tour. Just a few quick points to bring up:

  • This is a FREE tour. As such, everything is on your own. If you feel compelled to make a donation to the park, you can do so at the Visitor’s Center – they have a box for that.
  • We’ll meet at the Stone Bridge parking lot at 9 AM, on Saturday, May 11. From there, we will proceed by foot across Matthews Hill to Henry Hill.
  • We’ll break for lunch when we get to the Visitor’s Center on Henry Hill. That lunch is on your own. You may choose to carry your lunch with you to this point. Or, if you have a friend with another vehicle, you may want to leave that vehicle on Henry Hill and ride in a second vehicle to the starting point. That way, you can have your lunch waiting for you on Henry Hill. This also might allow you to opt out of the retreat portion of tour.
  • The TOTAL distance of the tour is about 5 miles over rolling ground. Keep this in mind in your planning.
  • The tour is rain or shine. Dress for the weather. Consider that we will be walking through fields and whatnot, and this is May. Tick spray, drinking water, long pants, comfortable and sturdy footwear, are all recommended. At this time, I have no sway over nature.
  • Keep your eye out here for any handouts for the tour. They will not be provided on site. You can choose to print them out or download them to your preferred device.

I look forward to seeing you all on May 11. Facebook indicates we’ll have somewhere between four and four hundred people on this tour. That is to say, I have no idea who’s going to show up other than my fellow guides and me.



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28 04 2019
steve reilly

You can add me to that list, of be there’s. flying in on Delta from Lost Mountain Georgia Friday morning & will be at the Hampton Inn. Planning on stopping at Arlington, to visit the grave of my great uncle Bernard Reilly, KIA North Anna, before driving down, 69th Militia H Company. I will be wearing my 69th/SUVCW uniform, in honor of my Great grandfather Philip & his big brother Bernard.

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28 04 2019

Good luck on your tour.

I’d be quite interested in hearing the consensus as to the route of the 69th from the crossing of Bull Run to Henry Hill. Although some historians indicate that this regiment and the rest of William Sherman’s brigade advanced straight ahead after first contact with the Confederates, it seems to me that they actually circled indirectly around to the hill in a counter-clockwise direction.


29 04 2019
John Foskett

I may have to report you to my school’s trademark people. The “Fair Catch Corby” statue won’t be smiling :)

Seriously, this sounds like a good event.


29 04 2019
Harry Smeltzer

I made a significant “contribution” to ND last time I was in their student bookstore, so I figure they owe me.

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29 04 2019
John Foskett

Everybody who goes in that building comes out a lot lighter. The bookstore revenues are handled separately so nobody actually knows what floats through there on a given Saturday in the Fall but I’d take a token percentage sight unseen.


5 05 2019
Patrick Young

I will try to be there. Some great folks (incuding yourself) are leading this.


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