Image: Pvt. Moses Brown Jenkins, Co. C, 1st Rhode Island Infantry

2 11 2018
Jenkins 1st RI

Moses Brown Jenkins, 26, one of the wealthiest young men in America thanks to a vast inheritance provided by his late father, who made it big in textiles. When news of the attack on Fort Sumter rocked Rhode Island, he had just purchased tickets for a family trip to Europe. Jenkins, a Quaker, promptly tore up the tickets and enlisted. He is pictured here in standard uniform and a non-standard haversack upon which his name is prominently stenciled. Jenkins survived his enlistment in Company C and did not return to the army. He lived until 1895. (Courtesy Military Images Magazine/Carte de visite by Mathew B. Brady of Washington, D.C. Rick Carlile Collection.)

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