A Few Words on Two New Releases

12 06 2018


I have a backlog of previews to write. Sorry, man, but this is my hobby, not my full time job! Two of these, from Savas Beatie, are The War Outside My Window, Janet Croon, editor, and a set of regimental rosters for the Georgia regiments (7th, 8th, 9th, & 11th) of Anderson’s Brigade, compiled by Richard M. (Rick) Allen. Both are, in my opinion, important books, for different reasons.

I have arranged for interviews with both authors. Plenty can be found on these books regarding their content, so anything I provide in way of preview, beyond these interviews, will be a little extraneous. Follow the links above to learn a little more about them, and keep an eye out for my interviews coming soon (I hope).



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13 06 2018
Henry Persons


I am concerned about the books that Mr. Allen is publishing as I collaborated on their development and provided much of the information he used in them. We split over a disagreement two years ago. Mr. Allen does not have my consent to publish the material that I so diligently helped provide him. There may be some issues over this.

Henry Persons

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13 06 2018
Rick Allen

Hi Harry. As you know, Henry and I worked together on forming the basis for both the Anderson’s Brigade History that Henry is writing and for the Rosters that I compiled for over four years. I finished the Rosters I was interested in creating and since Henry’s Brigade History project is ongoing and open-ended, we parted ways years ago. During the time we worked together, we shared information freely and mutually in the interests of furthering both projects. Anyone who reads my introduction cannot possibly think that I failed to give Henry proper credit for his contributions and amazing research. However, make no mistake, I am the one who created these Rosters over a period of four years, day and night. I am the one who constructed them, I am the one who formatted them, I am the the one who decided what to put in and what to leave out, and I am the one responsible for 90% of the research involved. What information I provided Henry during this time, I provided freely and with no strings attached and never was I aware of any different standard for information flowing in the opposite direction. I gave him copies of everything I did over the course of four years, and I certainly would not lay claim to his Brigade History because I did so. I think its going to be an amazing project, and I helped out on it, but I didn’t make it, so I should be in the acknowledgements where I belong. In fact, I don’t know a single Historian who doesn’t share information, it’s really kind of what we are here for, and THAT is the reason for acknowledgments. Henry was properly acknowledged.

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