Something About Sullivan

2 09 2017

800px-Sullivan_BallouHere’s a little Q & A with a historian who has a take on the authenticity of the famous “Dear Sarah” letter.

I have no dog in this fight.



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3 09 2017

Very disappointing, but that’s typical of Mr Banks generation. To discredit something that has had a positive effect for generations. Why he could not keep his research to himself and a few of his colleagues. In a time when we have lost faith in our goverment ,institutes, religions and our heros. Why is personal fame more important then a story true or not true that makes people happy.


3 09 2017
Harry Smeltzer

Philip, please note that it is not Mr. Banks’s research, but Mr. Grandchamp’s. And Mr. Banks is an old, old man.


5 09 2017
John Foskett

Philip: I’m not sure I understand your objection. Mr. Grandchamp is doing exactly what we expect (or should expect) historians to do. He’s investigating issues and events and determining whether they are factual or not. In fact, there’s a pretty good case that this letter was written by somebody else. I don’t see why we can’t just appreciate the letter, regardless of who wrote it, rather than insisting’ on hiding the truth. It’s like the letter Lincoln supposedly sent to the mother in Boston who lost several sons in the Union cause. It was most likely written by one of his secretaries – but it’s still a great letter.


3 09 2017
John Banks

Hey Hey. Hey!


12 09 2017
Ballou Balloon Burst? | Bull Runnings

[…] here for a link to an interview with Mr. […]


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