Petersburg: Visitor Center, 10/2/2016

11 10 2016

Maybe I should have started with this one, since our first stop in Petersburg was the Visitor Center. Not too overwhelming, certainly nothing like the bloated colossus of Gettysburg, but it gets the job done. Keep in mind that the NPS installations at Petersburg include the Eastern Front Visitor Center (the one I visited), the Western Front Visitor Contact Station, the Five Forks Battlefield Visitor Contact Station, and Grant’s Headquarters at City Point. We only had a limited time, so the EFVC was our only NPS stop.

Here are some photos of the grounds outside the building. A nice display of guns. Click on the images for larger ones.



This gun is weird (man, that never gets old)


A 30 pdr Parrott, like the one with which Peter C. Hains opened BR1



4 responses

11 10 2016
Bob Jaissle

Can I expect some posts in the future which will explain your displeasure with the Gettysburg VC “…overwhelming… bloated colossus…”, or can you provide me with a link to a previous post? (I’m a new subscriber to your blog and think Gettysburg did a pretty good job with their VC)


11 10 2016
Harry Smeltzer

No, I doubt I’ll write more on the Gettysburg VC. You can use the search function in the right hand column to see what I’ve written before. In short, too much dead space that could be better employed. More museum, less commerce.


12 10 2016
Bob Jaissle

Thanks for the reply. I searched, couldn’t find much. I was just wondering if you may have been referring to whatever the latest “grumblings” were about the place – I’m sure there will always be some. But like I said, I thought they’ve done a really good job, in fact, I can’t believe its possible for this government/private partnership to function as well as it apparently does.


12 10 2016

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