A Little Clip of David McCullough

2 12 2015

Yes, he’s a pop historian (or, as he says, a writer who happens to write about history). But he’s a damn good one, and I really enjoy his stuff. It has nothing to do with him being a Pittsburgh area native, either. I like his take on what history is and isn’t. But he’s not into the whole brevity thing – I think history is simply about people. I’ll have more to say about pop history, and how great familiarity with an era or event pretty much unfits one for reading pop history about those eras and events, later. But for now, enjoy this bit:



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2 12 2015
Dale Fishel

One of my heroes…a true gentleman with a human touch upon everything he writes. Eloquent!


2 12 2015
Adrienne Morris

I love how we all must almost apologize for liking David McCullough just because he’s successful and popular. It’s almost as if because he’s popular he obviously can’t be that good. I think the man and his works transcend labels–except one–he’s a treasure.

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2 12 2015
Adrienne Morris

Reblogged this on Nothing Gilded, Nothing Gained–Where Past Meets Present at Middlemay Farm and commented:
Love this so much . . . thanks Harry!

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2 12 2015

Wonderful — and really resonates for me, because I, too, am a writer who writes history– though in my case, food history. But yes — telling stories about things that are true is wonderful. Thanks for posting the video (and thanks, Adrienne Morris, for leading me to it).


3 12 2015

Thanks too for this. It cheered up a toothache morning of the soul. As a couple they appear to be brimful of the distilled essence of simple happiness. As a man he appears closer to the Enlightenment ideals of the Founding Fathers and Rousseau, Paine and Montaigne than even he knows. Thanks to Adrienne Morris for directing us to this place…


20 12 2015
David Connon

Hi, Harry. Thanks for re-posting this video. David McCullough was fascinating, insightful, and inspiring.


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