Homeboys at Ford’s Theater, 4/14/65

15 04 2015

Check out this interesting post about four soldiers from the vicinity of my hometown, McKeesport, PA, who were pressed into duty on the fateful evening of April 14, 1865. Note that they were artillerymen, not infantrymen, however (Independent Battery C, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.)

And yes, the men were represented by reenactor proxy at the memorial events yesterday in Washington. Friend and blogger Ron Baumgarten of All Not So Quiet on the Potomac took this picture of three of them:





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15 04 2015

Harry–Thanks for posting the story, and glad to provide the photo! As a native of Western PA, I was interested to learn about the role these four young men from the area played on the night of Lincoln’s assassination. In fact, the story of the Pennsylvania artillerymen was unknown to me until I talked to the reeactors while in line at Ford’s Theatre yesterday. They allowed me to take the picture seen above. The men, I believe, actually hail from Central PA, but reenact Independent Battery C, PA Light Artillery (Thompson’s Independent Battery C). They were there in part to spread the word about the men who carried Lincoln to the Petersen House that fateful night.



15 04 2015
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks for the flesh-out, Ron!


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