For Bibliophiles

12 02 2014



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12 02 2014
Theodore Savas

All pretty much true. I would add that collecting books ranks right up there with a good cigar and snifter of your favorite libation–while reading them. You can even fondle them when no one is looking (like Harry does).


12 02 2014
Dale Fishel

Absolutely true. As I sit her below packed shelves I ponder how much firepower will be required to force me to part with my beloved history books relative to Civil War, Revolutionary War, Family, Native Americans and Archaeology. Can’t imagine a world without books. And, if that sounds strange, we have an acquaintance whose elementary aged children don’t get books for school. What the….????


12 02 2014
Harry Smeltzer

I imagine that trend will continue, and within 5 years students will be given an iPad or other device on which to view their e-textbooks. There are practical and technological advantages to this, assuming the e-books will take advantage of the medium and not simply regurgitate print books on screen. Our children will “read” in ways we can’t imagine. It’s not a bad thing.

That being said, old farts like me will cling to our books until you pry them, well, you know…


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