College Football and the Civil War – Does It Get Any Better Than This?

27 11 2013

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6 responses

27 11 2013
Meg Thompson

I thought exactly the same thing! I even posted it on Facebook! I sure hate the talking heads and commercials during half-time on college ball. I loved those bands as a kid growing up in O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A lol!

27 11 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Geek that I am, I did notice that they shot off the cannon with a “lighted fuse.” Now, we all know CW cannon used friction primer and lanyard but, while it would have been cool to see them pull that off, I doubt most people would have understood.

27 11 2013
Meg Thompson

I totally noticed, but the fact that the cannon recoiled made up for it–to me! Noticed your reviews in Monitor today–Huzzah, & a Happy Thanksgiving a la Lincoln!

28 11 2013
Mike Peters

Nice locale brother! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! See you soon.


28 11 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks, Mike.

29 11 2013
Chris Evans

Two important things to me.

Pretty neat even if it was Ohio State. I guess even the ill tempered Woody Hayes would have been proud since Archie Griffin said in a documentary once, “His (Hayes) heroes were people like Grant and Sherman”.

I always wish they would use a lanyard instead of a lighted fuse. I always fuss at older films for doing that like John Ford’s ‘Horse Soldiers’.


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