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20 09 2013

I often receive inquiries regarding books – recommendations, suggestions, questions, criticisms. I don’t know if this is because I’ve published quite a few, mostly quantitative reviews/previews both here and in print, or because in some circles I’m thought to own a lot of the little rascals myself (my current count of Civil War books is just over 2,100, which is a lot to some of you, not so many to others, and just-plain-silly to most.) So I thought it might be helpful to those interested to give a little insight into what’s on my shelves – particularly my reference shelves, the ones to which I turn most often. I’ll just list them here with no comment, but know that some are better than others. If you have any comments or questions regarding these volumes, or have any suggestions for possible additions – my wife will likely hunt you down and kill you, slowly and painfully – feel free to use the comments section below. Let’s start here with Biographical Reference works:




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22 09 2013
Chris Evans

Great series of reference books. I’ve been trying to build a awesome reference library myself.

I’ve been hunting down the volumes of ‘The Confederate General’ series edited by Davis. I really enjoy these and find them superior to Warner’s classic ‘Generals in Gray’. I love the reproductions of the photos of the Generals in their uniforms (some of the ageing of the officers is quite remarkable) and most all of the articles are just excellent in coverage and written by the cream of the crop of Civil War scholars.

Now if I could ever find out more about the insanely mysterious General Robert C. Tyler.



23 09 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Chris. In the days ahead I’ll break down the reference stuff I have for units, general, arms & equipment, and bibliographies.


27 09 2013
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5 11 2013

Harry, in the combined category, I’ve found Guy V. Hnery’s 2 volume set on civilian Appointments to the US Army very helpful as well. He often has nuggets that eluded Heitman.



5 11 2013
Harry Smeltzer

I’ve been keeping an eye out for that one Don. Thanks for reminding me. From here on out, Nov. 5th will be known as Guy Henry Day.


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