Poll: Civil War Information Delivery Systems

21 04 2013

So, what do you think will be the most infuential method of delivering information regarding the Civil War era to the great unwashed, that is, to the majority of folks who are – or may become – interested? Since Polldaddy doesn’t let you rank your answers, I have to ask for just one.



7 responses

21 04 2013
Lee Hutch

These days I guess the blog is mightier than the sword!


23 04 2013
Survey Says … | Crossroads

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24 04 2013

It’s refreshing to know that biased Yankee authors no longer have a monopoly on history. Both the North and the South have an important story to tell. Both sides deserve to be heard.

The effort by some to squash the southern side of history harms all concerned, prematurely closes the debate, leaves the debate and true history one sided and most likely false.


24 04 2013
Harry Smeltzer

There is a saying that the victors write the history. That saying, however, in no way applies to the American Civil War.

In my opinion, of course.


24 04 2013
The future of Civil War history… yet another angle | Cenantua's Blog

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12 05 2013

I take it that the question is to be perceived that the individual hasn’t been introduced to topic yet. I believe a childs introduction will be through the classroom. The other catagories listed in your poll would only be used after the interest or introduction has been initiated by the classroom. How many children of elementary school age will be introduced to the Civil War by their parents or grandparents, in todays culture I fear that number would be extremely low.


13 05 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Jerry, you’re not the only one who has assumed the “real meaning” of the polls. They are what they are, and they ask what they ask.


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